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1.       Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?
A) Office XP                   B) Office Vista        C) Office 2007
D) Office 2003              E) None of above
2.       The key F12 opens a :
A) Save As dialog box   B) Open dialog box
C) Save dialog box                        D) Close dialog box              
E) None of these
3.       What is the short cut key to open the Open dialog box?
A) F12                            B) Shift F12           C) Alt + F12
D) Ctrl + F12                 E) None of these
4.       Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word?
A) Tab stop box            B) Left Indent        C) Right Indent
D) Center Indent          E) All of the above               
5.       What is place to the left of horizontal scroll bar?
A) Tab stop buttons     B) View buttons    C) Split buttons    
D) Indicators E) None of above
6.       Which file starts MS Word?
A) Winword.exe            B) Word.exe          C) Msword.exe
D) Word2003.exe         E) None of these
7.       How many ways you can save a document?
A) 3                                B) 4         C) 5         D) 6        E) None of these
8.       If you want to keep track of different editions of a document which features will you use?
A) Editions                     B) Versions            C) Track Change
D) All of above              E) None of these
9.       Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in:
A) Web layout view      B) Print Layout view  C) Reading View
D) Print Preview           E) None of these
10.    Borders can be applied to:
A) Cells                           B) Paragraph         C) Text
D) All of above              E) None of these
11.    Which of the following is not a type of page margin?
A) Left      B) Right     C) Center      D) Top                  E)None of these
12.    What is the default left margin in Word 2003 document?
A) 1"         B) 1.25"       C) 1.5"    D) 2"       E) None of these
13.    What is gutter margin?
A) Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
B) Margin that is added to right margin when printing
C) Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing
D) Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing
E) None of these
14.    Portrait and Landscape are
A) Page Orientation          B) Paper Size   C) Page Layout
D) All of above                 E) None of these
15.    Which of the following is not a font style?
A) Bold                           B) Italics                 C) Regular
D) Superscript               E) None of these
16.    The number of rows in a worksheet is
A) 36500                        B) 65536              C) 256       
D) 64536                       E) None of these
17.    What symbol is used to enter number as text?
A) '                  B) "         C) =         D) +        E) None of these
18.    Data can be arranged in ascending or descending order by using:
A) Sort command from Table menu
B) Sort command from Data menu
C) Sort command from Tools menu
D) None of these
E) All of the above
19.    1Red triangle at the top right corner of a cell indicates:
A) There is an error in the cell
B) There is a comment associated with the cell
C) The font color of the text in cell is red
D) The cell can't accept formula
E) None of these.
20.    How many sheets are there in Excel Workbook by default?
A) 2                         B) 3                      C) 4         D) 5            E) None of these
21.    To start slide show of presentation:
A) HIT F5 key               
B) From slide show menu choose view show option
C) From slide show menu choose Rehearse timing
D) Both a & b E) None of these
22.    The effect applied to display when slides changes in slide show view is :
A) Slide Animation                       B) Custom Transition          
C) Slide Transition                        D) None of these
23.    What happens if you edited an image inserted in Power Point?
A) The original file that was inserted is not changed
B) The original file that was inserted is changed
C) The original file is changed when you save presentation
D) None of the above   E) All of the above
24.    When you delete a text box  object from slide in power presentation :
A) The object is deleted but text box and the text inside is left on the slide
B) The text box is deleted and the text is paste on the slide
C) The text box and the text both are deleted
D) None of the above   E) All of the above
25.    Which of the following statement is true?
A) You can insert text boxes from drawing toolbar in PowerPoint
B) You cannot insert text boxes from drawing toolbar in PowerPoint
C) Text boxes are provides when you choose a layout and can’t be inserted afterwards
D) None of above                          E) All of the above
26.    What is a motion path?
A) A type of animation entrance effect
B) A method of advancing slides
C) A method of moving items on a slide
D) All of the above                        E) None of these
27.    Which of the following should you use if you want the entire slide in the presentation to have the same “look”?
A) The slide layout option           B) Add a slide option
C) Outline view             D) A presentation design template
E) None of these
28.    In the context of animations, what is a trigger?
A) An action button that advances to the next slide
B)  An item on the slide that performs an action when clicked
C) The name of a motion path
D) All of above                              E) None of these
29.    …………….. allow users to upload files to an online site so they can be viewed and edited from another location.
A) General purpose application
 B) Microsoft outlook express 
C)  Web hosted technology.
D) Office live                  E) none of these
30.    What is the overall term for creating editing, formatting storing, and printing text document?
A) Word processing      B) Spreadsheet design
C)  Web design               D) Data base Management
E) None of these
31.    In Power point, the Header and Footer button can be found on the insert tab in what group?
A) Illustration group   B) Text group           C) Object group   D) Table group         E) None of these
32.    To find paste Special option, you use the clipboard group on ……….tab of power point.
A) Design                       B) Insert                 C) Home  
 D) Page layout              E) None of these.
33.    Which power point view display each slide of the presentation as thumbnails and useful for rearrange slides?
A) Slide sorter               B) Slide show    C) Slide Master  
 D) Notes page                E) None of these
34.    What refer to set of character of a particular design?
A) Key face    B) formation           C) Calligraphy   
D) Stencil                        E) None of these
35.    You can create a new presentation by completing all of the following except
A) Clicking the new button on the standard toolbar
B) Clicking file, new      C) Clicking file open
D) Pressing ctrl + N      E) None of these
36.    What is the term used when you press and hold the left mouse key and more the mouse around the slide?
A) Highlighting              B) Dragging           C) Selecting
D) Moving                      E) None of these
37.    The PowerPoint view that displays only text (title and bullets) is
A) Slide show                                  B) Slide sorter view  
C) Notes page view        D) Outline view   
E) None of these
38.    In Microsoft PowerPoint the entry effect as one slide replaces another in a show is called a (an) :
A)  Animation                                  B) Slide transition              
C) Custom animation   D) Preset animation
E) None of these.
39.    Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called:
A) Design plates        B) Templates
C) Placeholders       D) Blueprints               E) None of these
40.    To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use
A) The title master                       B) The slide master
C) The handout master                D) All of above
E) None of these
41.    Which of the following moves the insertion point to the previous cell?
A) [Tab]              B) [Shift] +[Tab]       C)  [Alt] + [Tab]    
D) [Ctrl] +[Tab]  E) None of these
42.    Portrait and Landscape are:
A) Page Orientation         B) Paper Size         C) Page Layout
D) All of above                 E) None of these
43.    Each excel file is called a workbook because:
A) It can contain text and data    B)It can be modified
C)) you have to work hard to create it      
D) It can contain many sheets including worksheets and chart sheets                 E) None of these
44.    In the absence of parentheses, the order of operation is:
A) (Exponentiation, addition or subtraction, multiplication or division
B) Addition or subtraction, multiplication or division, exponentiation
C) Multiplication or division, exponentiation, addition or subtraction
D) Exponentiation, multiplication or division, addition or subtraction
E) Addition or subtraction, exponentiation, multiplication or division
45.    The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell B1 and goes over to column G and down to row 10 is ….
A) G1-G1                        B) B1.G10              C) B1; G10   
 D) B1:G10                     E) None of these
46.    The PC productivity tool that manipulates data organized in rows and columns is called a –
A) Spreadsheet           B) Word processing document                         C) Presentation Mechanism  
D) Database record manger         E) EDI creator
47.    A user wishes to remove a spreadsheet from a workbook. Which is the correct sequence of events that will do this?
A) Go to File-Save As – Save as Type – Excel worksheet  
B) Right click on the spreadsheet tab and select DELETE
C) Right click on the spreadsheet and select Insert – Entire Column  
D) None of above                          E) All of the above
48.    In a worksheet you can select:
A) The entire worksheet               (2) Rows               C) Columns
D) 1, 2 and 3                                 E) None of these
49.    Which of the following methods cannot be used to edit the content of cell?
A) Pressing the Alt key                B) Clicking the formula bar
C) Pressing F2                               D) Double clicking the cell 
E) None of these.
50.    You can open the Highlight Changes dialog box by choosing Track Changes from the …. Menu.
A) EDIT                          B) INSERT              C) FORMAT
D) TOOLS                       E) None of these
51.    The process of identifying specific rows and columns so that so that certain columns and rows are always visible on the screen is called:
A) Freezing                    B) Locking              C) Selecting
D) Fixing                        E) None of these.
52.    A quick way to return to a specific area of a worksheet is to type in the _____
A) Name box                 B) Formula bar      C) Zoom box
D) None of these                           E) All of the above


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